Welcome to the City of Central Point Document Library


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Access to the documents is intuitive and easy-to-use. Choose the "browse" button to search through the archive's folder structure. It is organized just like computer files in Windows Explorer. For example, to look up an ordinance passed in 2003, open the "City Council" folder, then "Ordinances," then "2003."


To Print: Use the print option on your web browser. TIP: make sure you have the correct page numbers selected some documents can be very large.



Inside the Document Library you will find current and archived city documents. Below is a list of our most requested items.     

  • Council Agendas Packets and Minutes
  • City Ordinances and  Resolutions
  • Interlocal and Agreements
  • Subdivisions and Plats
  • Budget and CAFR Reports
  • Code of Ethics

If you are looking for a document and can't find it, please call the City Recorder's Office at (541) 423-1026.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that the Weblink database is an active system being used by the City and the Databas is not complete. The City makes no warranty that the documents on the website are the only documents relevant to an issue or that they are even the most current documents. Current documents will be added to the archives on a regular basis.