Floodplain Resources


Central Point Flood Related Regulations

CMPC 8.24 – Flood Damage Prevention – These regulations were updated on April 24, 2011 and provide the basis for protecting development and natural functions in the floodplain.  This chapter is consistent with and exceeds the minimum National Flood Insurance Requirements.


CPMC 17.60.090 – Special Setbacks – This code section establishes a 25-foot minimum setback from the top of the creek bank or the boundary of the floodway, whichever is greater.  It also provides a list of prohibited activities within the setback area. 


CPMC 8.28 – Drainage Channel Maintenance – These regulations specify that property owners and/or occupants are responsible for ensuring that there are no obstructions of any natural or manmade drainageways within the City, including streams.  If you are a stream-side property owner, you will need to be familiar with these rules to protect your property and others from increased flood hazards associated with overgrown vegetation, such as blackberries, and other debris that can obstruct the natural flow of water.

Floodplain Development Resources

Floodplain Development Application and Checklist

FEMA Elevation Certificate Form 

FEMA Floodproofing Certificate Form

Homeowner's Guide to Retrofitting

FEMA Technical Bulletins

The Oregon Rain Garden Guide

Central Point Stormwater Management

Low Impact Development Information

Flood Insurance Resources

CP Flood Insurance Resource Guide

CP Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map

Understanding Flood Zones - Quick Guide

Not in High Risk Area Homeowner's Guide

FEMA's Cheaper Flood Insurance Brochure

Drainage Channel Maintenance Program Resources for Streamside Property Owners & Residents

Quick Guide to Drainage Channel Maintenance (Handout)

Central Point Drainage Compliant Form

Stream and Wetland Enhancement Guide, RVCOG

Riparian Tree Planting in Southwest Oregon

Flood Preparedness & Safety

NOAA River Forecast Center - Bear Creek at Medford

Jackson County Emergency Management

Ready.gov - Preparedness Resources for Family, Business, & Community

Other Flood Related Links of Interest

FloodSmart - National Flood Insurance Program Official Website

Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA Map Information Exchange

Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development - Natural Hazards

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Army Corps of Engineers








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