School Zone Information


The new law does away with the "At All Times" school zones -- it goes into effect on July 1, 2006. You may see the "At All Times" signs after July 2006, the new signs should be posted before the end of August.


The new law has only two categories of school zones those adjacent and crosswalks not adjacent.


School zones on roadways adjacent to school grounds can be either:

  • "When Flashing"; or
  • "School Days 7AM to 5PM".


Those school zones at a school crosswalk away from school grounds can be either:

  • "When Flashing"; or
  • "When Children are Present".


A citation issued for exceeding the speed limit in a school zone cannot be reduced and the driver may not go to traffic school to keep the citation of his/her record. The penalty is a minimum of $132.00 and a maximum is $684.00. All citation issued in a school zone, not just speed are increased as well including citations such as seatbelt violations.


Pay attention to the signs or flashing lights in our school zones in Central Point to avoid getting a citation. Our school zones include Central Point Elementary, Jewett Elementary, Mae Richardson Elementary, Scenic Middle School, and Crater High School.

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