Utility Billing


The City of Central Point provides water, street and storm water services to properties within the city limits and a few surrounding areas. The finance department administers the business aspects of providing these services through the setup & closing of both residential and commercial accounts, billing & collections, information and support of the day to day business activities needed to provide these essential services to the citizens of the city.


 Utilities are billed on a monthly basis.


Payment Options


For the convenience of our customers, we provide the following payment options:


  • Pay in person at City Hall
  • Pay by mail. If you prefer to mail your payment, please request a return envelope and we will include one with your statement each month. (DO NOT MAIL delinquent payments; bring them into city hall to avoid service being discontinued and additional late fees assessed.)
  • Automatic debit from checking or savings account or Visa or Master Card.
  • Drop off current payment at approved depository. (DO NOT drop delinquent payments in depositories – they will not be received in time to avoid service shut-off and penalties.) Approved depositories include: Avista Utility office; Albertson’s; Ray’s Food Place.

    Payment Types


    VISA, MasterCard, Debit Card with the VISA or MasterCard logo, or E-check.


    Checks made out to:

        City of Central Point

        140 South Third Street

        Central Point, Oregon 97502



    Late payments


    If your payment is late, please bring into City Hall or place it in the drop box directly across the street from city hall (on Oak between 2nd & 3rd streets) before 7 am the morning of scheduled disconnect to avoid discontinuance of service and late penalties. All payments received prior to 4:30 pm are processed daily.






    For the convenience of our customers, the City of Central Point water billing department offers an "auto-pay" option for paying your water bill. Each month your payment can be automatically deducted from either your checking account or a Visa or Master Card (debit or credit). However, it is the customer’s responsibility to keep this information updated prior to the due date. If you would like to sign up for this option you can go to www.centralpointoregon.gov/webpayments, once you setup an online account and verify your email address you will have the option to enroll in "auto-pay".





    Hardship Applications



    The City of Central Point offers a hardship discount to citizens who qualify. In order to qualify for the Hardship Discount, your annual income (from all sources) must fall within 150% of the published Federal Poverty Level. This information is generated by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the figures change annually. Applications for Extreme Hardship Discount must be renewed each year. Qualification is based on the size of the family unit and the total income of all family members. Proof of income must be submitted with the completed application. If you wish to apply for the Extreme Hardship Discount, contact the Finance Department, City of Central Point,  (541) 664-3321, extension 204, or come into our office located at 140 S. 3rd St, Central Point, Oregon for an application. 


    Hardship application here 




    Leak Adjustments



    Leak adjustments are intended for water line leaks that cause an abnormally high monthly water bill.  Adjustments are not granted for improperly set irrigation systems, excessive watering, or water lines broken as a result of negligence.


    Satisfactory proof of repairs must be submitted with required application.  Proof of repairs must include:


    1.  A description of the repairs that were done.

    2.  A copy of the repair bill or receipts for necessary parts to complete the required repairs.


    The city assumes no responsibility for costs associated with repairs.


    Water bill adjustments caused by leaks will be for one-half of the total water consumption over and above the average consumption for that residence.  The average consumption will be calculated using the consumption for the same month’s billing cycle as in the previous three years.  In the event that three years of water consumption records are not available, the finance director, or his/her designee, will determine the average consumption based on the best information available.


    Leak adjustments are allowed once per year, per residence.  Due to extraordinary circumstances, exceptions to this rule may be authorized by the finance director or his/her designee.  (Ord. 1909(part), 2007; Ord. 1845 §2(part), 2004). 


    Leak adjustment form here .


    Office hours


    Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm


    For information on days closed for holidays, refer to the City Calendar.





    140 South Third Street, Central Point, OR 97502 | Phone: (541) 664-3321| Business office hours: M-F 8:30am - 4:30pm
    General e-mail: