New East Side TOD


A transit-oriented development (TOD) is a mixed-use residential and commercial area designed to maximize access to public transportation, and often incorporates features to encourage transit ridership. A TOD neighborhood typically has a center with a transit station or a stop in easy walking distance from relatively high-density development with progressively lower-density development spreading outward from the center.


Other characteristics of a TOD include common parks and open space areas, bike and pedestrian paths and unique architecture. Central Point approved the Twin Creeks TOD in 2001 and the City is now in the process of planning an East Side TOD, north of Pine Street between Bear Creek and Hamrick Road. Central Point has relatively few residentially zoned areas in town where it can grow and at the same time create attractive and identifiable neighborhoods. By accommodating some of the City’s future population growth in these TOD areas, we also postpone the need to expand into the farmland that surrounds us.  The Twin Creeks TOD has been so well received that the City Council directed its planning staff to pursue the East Side TOD.


For more information about this new land use strategy, contact Community Development Director, Tom Humphrey at 541-423-1025.